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NaNoWriMo 2013 calendar by asleepinthesun NaNoWriMo 2013 calendar :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 1
Trees are budding green,
Everything warm in the sun;
Summer's glittering sheen
O'er the coursing river's run.
We come with joined hands,
We come to fall in love
With the beaches' shifting sands
And dome of purest blue above;
With the cool shades of dappled light,
Golden green days under towering trees,
And dazzling stars on clear, hot nights.
We're dancing dressed in the living breeze.
Spinning under the endless sky,
We've come for summer, you and I.
:iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 0
I Can't Use My Original Title
From Littleroot to Mossdeep
I've traveled far and wide;
Like a Snorlax, I lived asleep
Until you were by my side.
But after finding you,
I know I'll never catch 'em all.
You're like Pikachu
Refusing a Pokeball.
Like water against a thunderbolt,
I'm hopeless in a fight
But if verse can ground a single volt,
Then to you I'll write.
:iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 3
Treasure Chest
I found you like a treasure chest hidden in a dungeon and I knew
From the moment the compass marked you on my dungeon map
That the key to my next heart piece was locked up inside of you.
So I fought  the boss and many smaller creatures too
But my reward was empty, like a bottle without a fairy,
An empty heart container, leaving me without a clue.
I've combed that dungeon many times since that day
Yet something's missing, though what it is I cannot say.
Do I lack the key, or some tool of the hero's quest
That will open up the secrets inside your treasure chest?
:iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 2
Appalachian Sunset
Slowly sinks the setting sun behind the mountain cold
The dead leaves ignite in jewel-toned dying light
Clouds hang low from the sky like smoke from smoldering leaves
Crackling as chill mountain wind throughout them always weaves.
Birds flee the coming winter in crowded mass untold
Erupting from inferno they fly into the descending night
In spiral formation through smokey clouds and fading crimson fire,
The clatter of departing wings echoes from the mountain's spire.
With the birds, the last of life's passion takes flight
In a last desperate struggle to live, in the dying light
The dry leaves swirl in mockery of its final fight
Watching love go softly into that good night.
:iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 2
Oak, Ash, and Thorn by asleepinthesun Oak, Ash, and Thorn :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 1 Houdini by asleepinthesun Houdini :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 2 Lucy by asleepinthesun Lucy :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 0 BZFF by asleepinthesun BZFF :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 3 Autumn by asleepinthesun Autumn :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 0 Fear by asleepinthesun Fear :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 4 Manhattan Sunrise by asleepinthesun Manhattan Sunrise :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 3 0 Sonnet XVIII by asleepinthesun Sonnet XVIII :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 0 Rejection by asleepinthesun Rejection :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 2
My hands are raw on the steering wheel,
My foot shakes like jelly on the clutch,
My eyes are blurred and straining,
My shoulder chafes from the seatbelt.
Under my tires I watch the blacktop melt,
And through rolled-down windows mud is raining.
I don't know why winning means so much -
Like a brass trophy would change how I feel!
We've been racing each other for so long,
Competing without shame to be on top,
That when the engine's roar is gone
Your presence makes my heart drop.
:iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 0 0
Fading Sun by asleepinthesun Fading Sun :iconasleepinthesun:asleepinthesun 1 0


En Masse by clockblock En Masse :iconclockblock:clockblock 7,293 590 Eyebrows, by Gerard-Zephyr Eyebrows, :icongerard-zephyr:Gerard-Zephyr 96 12
The Song of Smiles
The Song of Smiles
Take a deep breath
Now here we go
This may sound cheesy
But you have to know
When the sun won't shine
And the wind don't blow
When the days are long
And the nights are cold
Know that the stars still shine
And the moon still glows
Time keeps moving
And the world still goes
In your darkest times
Remember you're someone's brightest light
Your smile to someone
Just makes the world work right
And no matter what you say
Your real friends are always here
Cause when you hear this song
You'll have no fear
When the sun won't shine
And the wind don't blow
When the days are long
And the nights are cold
Know that the stars still shine
And the moon still glows
Time keeps moving
And the world still goes
When you move on up
You have to make your mark
Doing whatever it takes
To find that spark
And when the world gets dark
When you think no one cares
Just stand up tall
And know nobody compares
You have to keep on moving
As the world turns old
Keep on standing
Till the you have to fold
:iconkannonmoore:KannonMoore 2 1
Hello Cupcake by Maegie Hello Cupcake :iconmaegie:Maegie 116 23 +Rainbow Cake+ by bechahns +Rainbow Cake+ :iconbechahns:bechahns 4,368 495 Cheshire Cat by pumpkinsbylisa Cheshire Cat :iconpumpkinsbylisa:pumpkinsbylisa 1,720 216 Alice in Wonderland by kirawinter Alice in Wonderland :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 1,935 173 Alice - Down the Rabbit Hole by kirawinter Alice - Down the Rabbit Hole :iconkirawinter:kirawinter 841 52 Silent Hill nurses by TheZe Silent Hill nurses :icontheze:TheZe 878 108 Minuet of Forest by katiedesousa Minuet of Forest :iconkatiedesousa:katiedesousa 12,352 1,768 Officer Jenny Cosplay by TheMightyPegasus Officer Jenny Cosplay :iconthemightypegasus:TheMightyPegasus 78 48 Autumn Spell by yuumei Autumn Spell :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,626 1,496 Lighthouse of Pontusval by inaheartshapedbox Lighthouse of Pontusval :iconinaheartshapedbox:inaheartshapedbox 2 2 At Least It's A Nice Suit by UtopianPigeon At Least It's A Nice Suit :iconutopianpigeon:UtopianPigeon 2 1 Final Fantasy X-2: Paine -II- by niladnama Final Fantasy X-2: Paine -II- :iconniladnama:niladnama 222 99



Sleepless colorful chloroform
United States
I write (prose and poetry), I draw (mostly doodles), and I paint (badly).
I have all the skills of a housewife with none of the docility.
I'm an old-fashioned nerd. I read, I like words, and I like chess.
That's about everything of interest.

Current Residence: second star to the right, and straight on til morning
MP3 player of choice: one that works
Skin of choice: baby seal
I'm a tree, you're a tree. We're all trees.


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